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Cat boarding at Canada Farm

Your cat will feel at home while staying in our cattery. Cats have one to one attention with a member of our team, they have a variety of toys to play with and a spacious area to walk and play in.

Look before you book your Cattery

We strongly encourage you to visit catteries before boarding to reassure yourself that the establishment is the right one for your cat.

The cattery is heated with warm, cosy bedding and access to covered outside runs through a cat flap during daylight hours.

The units are full height and are long enough to allow 2 cats from the same home to share (3 if they like to snuggle up together). We offer generous discounts for families of cats sharing.

Each room has a raised sleeping area and a cat flap leading to a covered outside run which overlooks the lovely Kent countryside.

During the warmer summer days the doors to the outside runs are open to allow the cats to sunbathe on their shelf.

Canada Farm welcomes cats from all over Kent and London. You can hire our pet taxi service to collect and drop your pet, or please see directions on how to find us on our Maps and Directions page.

Cat Food

We feed high quality premium dried foods and wet foods, according to the individual cat’s preference. Before boarding we will discuss your cat’s requirements with you. If you prefer to supply your cat’s food you may do so.

Toys and Playtime

We try to help your cat to feel at home whilst staying in our cattery.  Cats have one to one attention with a member of our team, they have a variety of toys to play with and a spacious area to walk and play in. Cats get playtime and attention from us every day. We tailor the attention to each cat’s needs; some cats love being picked up and cuddled and having toys to chase, whilst others are more reserved and don’t enjoy too much attention.

As a small cattery we are able to get to know our guests well and understand exactly what suits them and treat them accordingly. Also, your cat will have the same members of staff caring for him, ensuring the same routine each day which is greatly beneficial to your cat’s sense of security.

We know that happy cats will come back to visit us and our cattery time and time again, we treat each cat with as much love as it’s owner. Canada Farm is the perfect countryside holiday for cats from all over Kent and London.

Pre Boarding Visits

You are very welcome to come and visit us before booking you cat in for a stay; we will be happy to show you round the cattery and answer your questions.


For their own protection we require that all cats boarding with us are vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Feline Influenza. Please remember to bring your cat’s vaccination certificate with you when your cat is brought in for his holiday with us.